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Anxiety and Depression

Two people can be faced with identical facts and see things very differently.  We do not think like computers, weighing up every detail against rules, rather we interpret what we see and hear with the filter of experience.  When these experiences are disproportionately negative, simple events can become frightening scenarios.  Our thinking has a natural negative bias to protect us from danger, meaning that we more strongly store negative memories in our learning.  For many, the continual pressure to make decisions becomes a dripping tap of worry, which leads to a state of permanent anxiety.



Anxiety and depression affect many of us for short periods, and for some they are a tyrannical invader, robbing our present moment of joy.  It is not just the pressure of modern life that is to blame, it is more how we react to these pressures, and how much value we put on status and possessions over happiness and relationships.  Mindfulness is a non-religious, medically proven way of altering our relationship to our thoughts and the events that occur in our lives that enables us to better deal with them and not to fall into despair and depression. 

There is no instant route to Mindfulness, it is about constant gentle modification of your thought processes and your relationship with those thoughts, but through group work and self-compassion you can set off on the journey that will last a lifetime and pay you back many fold through the simple joy of being. 

We at Le Riboudin have made this journey from our own difficult places, and we are there to support you with our experience and to give you a place where you can find calm to sit, to discover the beauty of just being and to gently change your mind.



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